Breakout Forex Swing Trading Strategy 🐷

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Breakout forex swing trading strategy. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! This is an explosing breakout strategy with a confirmation using Bollinger Bands. This is a swing trading strategy – the theory behind it is that you’re structuring your trade by waiting for a breakout of support and resistance and combining that with a volatility expansion and we’re checking that volatility expansion by using a Bollinger Band. You can tweak this setup according to your needs. Yes, you feel like you’re chasing a little bit and you might end up getting stopped out sometimes but it can also get you at the start of a decent trend.


Boris Ljevar says:

In my opinion, Bollinger bands are unnecessary here. It is a standard practice to enter a position when a candle closes above (below) major resistance (support), or even better at pull back. Adding Bollinger bands has no additional value and overcomplicates the strategy.

Augustine Lopez says:

Bollinger Bands have an excellent reputation for profit but must mind price action. Really nice as a swing trade strategy remember to close if it goes wrong; mindfulness and /or stop loss is key with (BB). Later Guys

jonathan yoakum says:

Have scalped in the past with dual BB 20/2 20/1 settings but always made certain to place trades with the trend and if ranging the long trend. Of course always use a stop even if it's large. Also multiple time frames was key 3,5,8,15 min charts dual BB. It isn't perfect but has its nuances.

Jakub Valenta says:

Can you describe somehow how it works, if there is a way to describe it? This really absolutely fascinates me.

Jakub Valenta says:

Gold is still my favourite, probably because it follows something, so there are always overreactions.

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