Best Timeframe for Swing Trading & Daytrading Forex? ⌛

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What is the Best Timeframe for Swing and Daytrading in FX? PLEASE LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! I’m going to give you an answer based on the timeframes that I specifically use for my day trading and when I’m swing trading. I’ll also include timeframes I know other traders use who are successful in currency trading in particular (and one guy I know who does very well with equities)

1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, 120 min, 240 min
If you’re day trading, try to still know what is happening on the higher timeframes.

1 day, 1 week, 1 month

100 tick, 50 tick.

From a day trader’s perspective the combination that I personally like is this. I like to first glance at the daily timeframe. I want to know what the key levels are; key support, key resistance, fresh highs, what’s happened after earnings if its a stock..etc Then I will pivot things a bit. I will switch between a 15 min and a 60 min timeframe depending on what has happened. I prefer the 15 min as I’m going to get more information on the screen/charts. But if I feel this is not giving me what I need to see, I’ll switch to a 60 minute timeframe just to see how we are on a longer timeframe. Most of the times, particularly if you’re trading very short-term timeframes you will find that this is less relevant..
Then, I also like to see what happened on the 3 min/5 min periods for executions. The danger comes if you try using too many timeframes.

When swing trading I still like to look at the daily timeframes but I still look at what is happening on shorter timeframes. Swing trading for me is that; I generally hold for days; very rare that I will hold a market for months.

If you’re an extra aggressive day trader or scalper then moving to tick charts can help. Now, I don’t suggest that you go down the route of scalping aggressively because it does add a heck of a lot more noise.


Batman DKN says:

Swings is the best charts are worthless market makers can put fake candles

DJ Klarence says:

You're the best, you made my dream come true. God bless you

RightClic God says:

I love the 4H chart! I think it is the most used one too, at least on trading sites it is the one I see most.
I used to suck at swing trading.
All I was good at was 5 & 15 min charts jump on moves.
Now my favorite is the 4 hour, and my swing trading got much better. I aim for 3 days to 2 weeks MAX also when I used to have no idea on the time it took and was in for weeks or months, I think that helped too.
I think the ones most people look at work best.

Paulo Maia says:

Great video .

Crypto Scott says:

I love oversold bounces on the 1 minute chart using higher time frames to keep track of where i'm at in my own head. along with some basic EW and Fib,

allofUSAunite says:

I use 50 inch TV"s for monitors cause their cheap, 1min, 15min, 30 min, 1hour, 4 hour, daily all up together with stochastic and the moving averages I watch for on my three main currency pairs. When they line up on the charts then go half in and scale up if it continues when they line up for what I look for.

Kamala kannan gunalan says:

If you are doing day trade which can be the best time frame to put your stop loss
Because if I use the swing high/low it is pretty much higher

CopyMyyTrades says:

Great info, I like the idea of being able to both day and swing trade.


Day trading:

Look at Daily, 15(60 if noisy), & 5(1 or3)min

Swing trading:

Look at 4hr, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Hold 1-3-5 days depending on target

Jbed007 Bronco says:

I usually use 5min to get an early jump on a trade instead of waiting for a 15min candle to finish when i could have got in earlier.


Makes me wana subscribe twice

TrolikWasHere says:

I have a question; What do you think about spotting rising stocks Pre-Market and riding the rush of traders, that come in during the market open, for day-trading profits?

ankur pathak says:

Tip: if you take trade in one time frame you will close it under one minute with loss

Poke Lee says:

Great video, would be gladly to hear about your past trading journey and finally becoming profitable, thanks.

JamesAgar says:

Some time frame correlations I use:

10mn / 1hr (Daily for trend)
15mn / 4hr (Daily/Weekly for trend)

Kannapiran R.P says:

Thank you sir

K Vjqxzz says:

any thoughts on hidden divergence ?

abhishek shah says:

For Intraday I have 2 queries :-

1. I use 10M for study and enter at 5M , what's ur opinion abt 10M ?

2. Which is best TF to ride the trend ? 1M, 5M , 10M or 15M ?

phi vortex says:

Ta, nice video. Defo one of the best channels on youtube. I have seen an FX strategy using 240 for confirmation with 3 MA's then 60 for entry. Agree with all the others. For stocks I think most institutional traders use 5 mostly and 3 & 1 closer to the bell.

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