Best FX Trading Strategies (THE Top Strategy for 2019)

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The best FX trading strategies out there aren’t some magic indicator, some weird hack, or quick little tip. Stop looking for those, you’re going to lose. Instead, learn the one major thing top traders know that the other 99% do not.

Your Forex trading plan must include this one concept. You’re entire account depends on it.

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Maximiliano Gonzalez says:

When I first invested in forex, I was very unsure of what to expect. I put together my guts took my tax returns and invested them all,Luckily for me,
It paid off in the end. You've been a great broker Mr Smith John

Elijah J Greene says:

Great video "I'm sorry instant gratification guy"…was hilarious, i'm using that one.

Trevor says:

Best speaking voice ever!

annie briggs says:

Nice video, really easy to understand. Gonna give it a try

Dj Fluxxo says:

Thank you so much !! This vídeo is like a redpill

faktea ralte says:

Let me add i question..
Does this means that the strength of the currency does not really depend on the economy of the nation in forex market.

jack sullen says:

What do you mean long and short?

faktea ralte says:

I dont put comment on yt but man you let me see it more clearly…i was struggling for a couple of months using the indicator stuffs and all evertime i place order the trend is against i see it i was hanging out with the popular kid.

Kaizen Kim says:

Brilliant idea sir, but what indicators do I need to use to see what the majority is bidding on?

james doherty says:

wow a lot of people call others idiots around here. this is supposed to take the stress out. just relax, kids.

james doherty says:

im glad u are smashing out subscribers. thanks for all of this.

Demian Linares says:

Man just want to let u know injoined imarkets academy and they just started training this exact strategy. They call it the bankers strategy. They have target point called bankers candle.

Bogdan Heinz says:

I hardly ever comment on YT videos but I do feel the need to comment on this one. You're wrong.
You say that instead of trading dollar pairs, we should focus on non-dollar pairs instead. Like GBPJPY.
A trader with your amount of experience (if it is indeed true) simply HAS TO KNOW that GBPJPY is a DERIVATE. It is a derivate of GBPUSD and USDJPY. An artificial pair created by mixing two pairs. US DOLLAR pairs.
If you don't believe me, look up current prices for GBPUSD and USDJPY and multiply them. Then look up current price for GBPJPY. I'll let you work out the implications.
The truth is, you never stop trading US dollar in Forex. It's ALWAYS there.
I'll wait to see if anyone comments on this. But I smell something fishy.

Theodosios Anania says:

No Nonsense Forex, could you make a video about how to implement Sentiment, Fundamental, and Technical Analysis into a properly coordinated blend, also with each applied properly? That would be awesome. Trading Pump and Dumps are an example of typically using a combination of the 3, but I'm VERY curious to see how this would be implemented into forex.

Gold Trader's Niche 2017 says:

the bank of japan manipulates its currency, and you can get a big drop in one minute…..

Anar Uranchimeg says:

so it means trader vs big banks? xD

P J says:

Thank you for your channel and the great content on here.

Martin says:

So you're essentially saying that every trader who trades with trend loses, and all traders who go against trend win? I call BS.

Cheeskey Fx says:

This is number 1 strategy out there if you don't trade by it or least understand it you're finished. Much love VP ❤️

Teng Christopher says:

A month ago I start trading and found this video, it's great true knowledge for trading. This does help me in my "Trading Strategy Planning".
Thank you.

Zakirhussein says:

Please make video of London session strategy.

Yusuf Abdulrahman says:

this tell us that there is mafia,corrupted and bad ppl everywhere

Mont williams says:

Great video!

Rob Marston says:

I have learned so much with these lessons. Awesome my friend!!!

Mark Lewis says:

Spending more and investing without stopping this is exactly the life of the rich while the poor spend more and also doesn’t invest like the rich

Peter K says:

Man, you are making some “too close for comfort” points.
Thank you.

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