ALL YOU NEED TO LEARN TO TRADE FOREX – (Full Course in Description)

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Quarter’s Theory Book:

Harmonic Trading Volume 1:
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AKATheGrower spills everything in this private webinar….No secrets held back…I tell you EXACTLY what you need to study and WHY…plus show real examples. It’s time to stop with the gurus and marketers!

Hey guys, I did this private webinar for my private students. They loved the clarity and no BS approach that I take. Hopefully you guys can get some value out of it.

There is a full course linked above, please go through it if you want to get full clarity of what I’m talking about with my trading approach.


AKATheGrower says:

Hello everyone, Thanks for supporting me and helping me reach over 200k views on this video! As a thank you I have uploaded INSANE amounts of free Forex knowledge on this youtube channel. Everything I say you need in this video can be found on my youtube channel free. Hope you enjoy. Blessings my brothers

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Victoria Garcia says:

Very helpful easy to understand thanks

Seb_grabowski says:

More "Ok". 😉

mogau dezah says:

Saw this video and subscribed immediately,thanks for some good content

Forex Tutorial For Beginner says:

I will try to code what I got from here into EA 😉 and see the results 😉

Sibahle Gunu says:

God bless you abundantly bro!

Alex Schram says:

Man i forgot all about this old video you made 😀 it popped up randomly just now.

gabriel emuriat says:

I wish I was able to invite you to UGANDA and teach every one about foroex. Its a month now since I started watching your videos I have stated making little profits. My excitement is I had never made just $30 in a trade but I did last. ALL THAANKS TO YOU. LIVE LONG OUR BROTHER.

R B says:

hi what do you use to backtest? do you have a software that you use?

Dorian Goins says:

Thanks so much for this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it really helped me a lot.

Ijay Kay says:

How can I get connected to Artur vladislar… Am very interested in he's mentorship… And I will love him to trade too…

anyonymus jcool says:

man this is very cool brah i think soon i will be a million

Calvin Mhlongo says:

Man I'm from South Africa. This lesson helped me alot, was completely blank. Big Up!!!!!!!

Muttaqina Sanzida says:

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umeedesehr media news says:

Your hard work is deeply appreciated.great job

Yi Liu says:

I learned from other mentors much less than I have learned from your video. and your video is free. thanks so much.

tR3NdSt4R says:

I read quarters theory years ago good book

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