5 Tips for Profitable Trend Following Trading in Forex

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Trend following can be very profitable if you have the right approach and psychology to trade it. Trend following traders have a lot of patience and discipline to overcome temporary setbacks.

Trading the trend might mean that you have a good risk to reward ratio, but still, using a trend follower strategy is not for everybody.

Trend following in forex trading would require traders to understand fundamentals and sentiment really well because the forex markets would tend to trend for a long time as compared to stocks.

However, if you think you have what it takes to become a successful trend follower, then i encourage you to consider trend following because it requires less screen time than short term traders.

I hope that these trend following tips will help you in your trading.


Advice provided in this video is mere recommendation and I will not be responsible for any losses incurred from your investments or trading activities. Investing and trading is a high risk activity and should be approached with caution. I am not a certified financial advisor. Hence, it is important for you to seek a certified financial advisor to craft your portfolio.


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Karen Foo says:

What is your experience with trend following?

Yussuf Nyasha says:

Understood Foo!!Thnku for sharing all this!!!!!…so sentiment is only determined by fundamentals not technicals,right?

Onyebuci Mordi says:

I use a trailing stop and 1:2 RR take profits. Can I just leave my trailing stop and take my profit at the end of the trading day? is that a good idea? thanks.

Ana L. says:

Hi Karen, this is not related to this video, I want to ask You for your course, on Your page there is one course for beginner is that the only one for now..and can I just add that you are I think the only one who has her own page and channel and programs and courses and do not advertise that at all in your videos….as many does that, mainly on the end of video, like be aware of my course to check it, my seminar, program, price is etc…you did not mention that once…. if I did not look at your page that you also do not mention in your videos at all….I would not know for that, and price is also suitable as everyone else overcharged…I would also have to save for your course because that is like third salary in my country, but that is not your problem☺️, the thing is it is suitable for everyone, price is really on place,and I am looking forward to be able to purchase it as I woul like to learn all basics and what I need on one place, not jump from one source to another, so I hope I will be able soon to do that…. but I want to compliment you that you do not advertise those things, and your seminars was also FREE as I know, and you paid your all casts when you did your seminars, I mean really all compliments for you, really all conpliments. Thank you. Wish you all the best.

Il Capitano Alexandr says:

Hope you're great, have a good week

Ted Feather says:

I have Been learning following the trend, price action and candle sticks and patterns on higher time frames for about a month. I day trade mostly. It makes good sense as you explained it well in this and some of your other videos. Great for swing and longer term investments. Trying to figure out how to apply it to day trading as well since the market has been so up and down/choppy. Because setting a stop loss is most likely to be triggered in the current market. Thanks for your video today. Pretty woman …

Dime Butter says:

I am using macd on 4hr chart and is working pretty well.

Obie Cano says:

It's all about the trend………the hardest part is waiting for your turn to enter the trend………you have to be patient

Cyril Weekes says:

Hey Karen, thanks a lot.

Juan Gabriel Caicedo says:

Trend following: very difficult for me as you describe. However, I do trade along the trend, but short term. It is very tough for me to handle 30 ish % win rates, for these reasons: Drawdonws can get big, with a big potential to hurt your account and less freedom to shift because you are already invested forcing you to be in a stubborn mindset. I think it forces you to be more fearful of losing an opportunity because a low win rate just means there are fewer winning trades out there, missing one of them means a longer losing streak. You don't have the advantage of capital rotation because when you get a good trade it is going to offset previous losses, the resulting profit has taken several days if not weeks, in that time you could have been doing smaller profits to get a better result overall.

thadrunkinninja says:

The feeling of losing is 10 times stronger than the feeling of wining

thadrunkinninja says:

Teach me your ways

abang encom sokmo says:

Hye Karen, thanks for the great content. Can you teach more on trend following strategy? Where is the entry?where is the end?


This is very helpful video.But Please Makesure, your Girl or Boy? I realy confused About this

Jason White says:

Thanks Karen

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