5 SMA and 5 RSI Forex Trading Strategy 🤛

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5 period SMA and 5 period RSI Forex trading strategy. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE This is a 15 minute chart USD/JPY – we have a simple moving average (5 period), also below that we have the Relative Strength Index (5 period). We also have a line showing the middle point between oversold and overbought conditions. This strategy looks like whipsaw heaven but let’s examine it into more detail and see if we can tweak it to turn it into a profitable strategy. You go long when the price moves above the SMA and the RSI is above the 50 period line. We also add another criteria in that we need a 10 pip move above the simple moving average.

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5 SMA and 5 RSI Forex Trading Strategy 🤛


fx king Ndlovu says:

No you will do some many mistakes 5 MA is too tight

Matt Pascoe says:

5 MA is too tight, I'd go for a 10 and add bollinger bands


The bottom line:
– price action: enter / exit points
– indicators: filter the low probability trades.

Any other use your doom chaising the holy grail and bleeding money

Filip ├ľhman says:

Mabye could work as a filter on the Daily chart and then trade in that direction using Another smaller timeframe strategy

Peter Hughes says:

That "thumbs down" comment: I think you may benefit from a "jump on board" price change entry condition. So, for that really big candle you could, e.g., jump in after 10 pips of progress and then proceed as normal. Similarly for a reversal: if the price goes 10 pips below the SMA without closing then exit the trade. There's no chance of gain without the threat of failure.

Emanuil Penev says:

This is a terrible strategy, no edge at all, and I like how he says it's bad too! The 5 min scalping strategy from a few days ago is on completely different level! Less risk and bigger rewards

Khalid Hakimi says:

You have to educate yourself. Indicators are only tools. You have to know chart patterns, candlestick formations and combine these with an oscillator and key resistance and support and trend lines then you're getting somewhere. Why cherry pick? Tell the truth. Hes only showing areas where it works and skips areas where majority of times you lose

Patrick Khanyile says:

Good video really productive

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