5 Minute Forex Bollinger Bands Scalping Strategy ⛏️

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5 Minute Forex Bollinger Bands Scalping Strategy. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/bollinger-bands.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE Bollinger Band forex trading strategy. Here we have the GBP/USD – this is all about scalping on a 5 minute chart, you can use this on Cable (GBP/USD) or EUR/USD although I can’t see a reason you can’t use it on other currency pairs. Using a bollinger bands on standard chart settings (20 length with 2 standard deviation). The rules of the trading strategy state that you’re looking for a flat bollinger band. The rules of the strategy are when price touches the upper band you go short with a 10 pip stop, when price touches the lower band you exit the trade. You go long when price touches the lower band with a 10 pip stop and you exit the trade as it touches the upper band.

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Prince M. Golds says:

plz post double bollinger band trading strategy

Tom Williams says:

Good vid explanation. BB's are great. Double BB strategy can also be good for letting your winners run. I personally follow price action and use support/resistance levels with BB's, Volume and Stoch indicators on my charts. Only need a combination of any 2-3 of those for entry/exit confirmation.

It's Me says:

Please don't exclude equity or commodity trades in your description.. A chart is a chart is a chart

Martin says:

Hello….i think that after the candle touches the band ( upper or lower), is better wait until there is a candle in the direction to the oposite band, so the 10 pips stop loss became less reachable. What do you think?…..Good videos !!.

Mehdi BWINA says:

i fucking love you …. especially ur accente … i l o ve it

Sarajlija Sanjo says:

I'll give it a try…Thanks BRO…

Syed Golab Arefin says:

Man, your tutorial was easy to understand. I got it. Thank you.

Howard Hill says:

please make the bollinger bands more visible…hard to see them clearly as is

ma.theresa sarmiento says:

If not in range bound picture, I still look through it's horizontal support and resistance levels to assess the integrity of the move especially when moving along the band extremities.

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