5 Lessons I Learnt Trading Forex In 2019

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Here are 5 lessons I learnt trading forex in 2019. Forex trading is a skill that not many can master.

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Real you're original other guyz make bala bala thanks, help me you email bro

Ari White says:

Hello Mr Dini, are u a day or swing trader, and which is the best?


sorry sir…but i need to ask ..how did you start and with how much did you start

Wamiq Ahmed says:

I've been profitable in demo account (took $5000 to $11700) in around one month. Should i begin trading on live account?

Jeff Cordier says:

Aim for a higher time frame. Enter on a lower one. Scalp 1m-1h.

Winston Watchman says:

I just stumbled into your video and I think I've learnt a lot…

Mills Med says:

I have to download this and keep watching everyday. Be blessed bro. Shout out from Tanzania

Rashka boy says:

Hi dini when you started trading ?

japhet kakwezi says:

Just found your YT chanell today and i love the content you are sharing…..Very positive…Thank you a lot…

Lilly smith says:

What name of platform do you use on your Mac laptop?

Tinashe Dzobo says:

I used to resist watching your videos when suggested but infor i have gained today that you tube algorithm surely knows who had the advice i needed.

Thanks Dini

Anand says:

Dini Sir, which shall i go for

Craig Spocter Craig5535 says:

great video

stock member says:

solid advice s

Cristóvão Nunes says:

Now i understand why you just give two signals by week! Quality signals that GBPJPY from today was really good, but then I tried to get more, and ended losing more than I had made!!!! I now i´m watching your video with the tradingview…. I need to stop for today…. thk

RealGaming says:

Wauw the first lesson is something I do alll the time,everytime when I see a setup or a potential interesting point in the market. I always think. No this is to obvious, the market will get manipulated and dp the opposite. I just feel that what I see on the charts is not what actually will happen. It's such a weird thought I have. I really need to trust in what I see is what I see and not more.

SAIF ul islam says:

absolutly right sir


Thanks a lot… Good lesson.

Tonyx Ekele says:

Thanks for your lesson

Abdi jabaar Lucky says:

Thank u for the encouragement

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