20 Pips GBP/JPY Scalping Forex Strategy 🤛

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20 pip GBPJPY Scalping Strategy. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE This is a day trading strategy involving scalping the Pound/Yen / 5 minute chart. What are the rules? The first rule is that you need a decent sloping 25 period exponential moving average – the angle must be at least 30 degrees. The other criteria is that you have a bullish pinbar to signal the change in sentiment in that 5 minute period. So if you get that bar above that 25 period ema and with the angle – you go long above it with a 20 pip target and a 10 pip stop. Very neat setup and very systematic but of course you are not going to win all of them. There is the other criteria that you only trade during the London and New York Sessions; perhaps that is a liquidity issue.

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20 Pips GBP/JPY Scalping Forex Strategy 🤛


geoff young says:

Lol probably the worst strategy I've ever seen

Desmond Schinkel says:

I find it interesting that theres never any traders in the comment section acknowledging how profitable the strategy presented has been to them.

Martin says:

Does it work with another pairs ??…..Same pips target ??….Same EMA ?? Thanks for sharing.

Thomas Immler says:

cool interessant

Lavender Lady says:

More videos, please!


and how about the loss ?

Miss Viking says:

Excellent strategy! Worked for gold trade for me just now. Also amazing video, to the point, no “why should you watch my video” upsells and zero garbage. Total beauty!!! Thank you so much

Black Sorceress says:

Yessss GBPJPY has the widest pip range followed by my favorite pair, EURJPY. I normally go for 10 Pips but I'd like to test your strategy on Demo.

SleepingWitheSirens says:

GBP pairs give more liquidity 1 hour can get you 60 to 75 pips it depends lol so just focus on these pair. Unlike the ones i trade AUD/JPY if CHF/JPY i made 30 pips im getting paid 25 to 24 pips make sense ? on GBP pairs you take it all !! you make 50 pips lets says 1$ per pip trade you take all that 50 $ = 50 pips. So yea just focus on few pairs ciao

gary maisey says:

one reason not to use fxcm-they were fined multi millions by sec for cheating their clients by preventing them from exiting profitable trades

BowtieForex says:

Sounds like a good strategy…..should work on all pairs…..and not just with pinbar candle, but with other bullish/bearish candle combos.

ashokpjain says:

Pin bar is long tailed “Doji” in candle stick language

eddyvideostar says:

This is a consistent method which when it works would be wonderful.

patrik karicka says:

Its really difficult to catch 10 pips if I have 3-4 pips spread. any help?

Syed Golab Arefin says:

20 pip you announced, I thank you 40 times.

Tim Harrison says:

Fishing for profits. Great vid. Love your stuff

Luca Zanetti says:

Reason to use this strategy in GBP/JPY: it's a very good mover and 20 pips is just a very small portion of the potential daily range. And yes, strategy best used during most liquidity sessions and mostly when price is clearly already on a direction. It's a very good strategy indeed.

Howard Hill says:

I would add the engulfing as it seems to provide more opportunities than the pinbar

Jumpchao150 says:

hinesights 20/20 but starting with the double top at 3:48 simple eliots wave analysis would have ruled out that trade that got stopped out because it would be counting on an extened wave which is rare, has the potential to save massive amounts of money on not getting stopped out.

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