10 PIPs a Day Forex Scalping Strategy 🔨

β˜… 10 PIPs a Day Forex Scalping Strategy
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10 PIPs a Day Forex Scalping Strategy. Scalping is a seriously tricky business; your risk:reward ratio is likely to be close to 1:1; the idea is that you are going to have a higher probability of success with each trade you take as opposed to getting the edge from the risk:reward ratio. That means you have to be ultra-disciplined with your stops and exits. Trade this on a 5-minute chart and limit yourself to major forex pairs where your spreads are relatively small.

I have two indicators set on the screen; one is the Bollinger Bands set to 20 period (moving average is 20), 2 standard deviations with offset being set to 0. The other indicator is slow Stochastics; percentage K is set at 5, percentage D set at 3 and Smoothing set at 3.

The rules are these (taking a short example first). You want to look into taking a short trade when price is above the upper Bollinger Band and the Stochastics are overbought. Then, when you get the next red candle you then take a short on the close of that candle. You put in a 10-pip stop with a 10-pip target. This is supposed to be a trading strategy where the probabiliy of success is good so the risk:reward ratio doesn’t need to be high.

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