🔴 LIVE FOREX TRADING – NY Session Jan 18 2022

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Mon-Fri Live Analysis @7am est (New York)

🔴Live Chat Rules:
Ask me questions, send charts, get feedback, or give me suggestions!
-Please take the time to check out my videos before asking if I made a video on a certain topic (Check out my playlist))
– Send your trade ideas/analysis on [any pair] to the DISCORD in the “Forex” section not on the YouTube Chat (YouTube blocks it)
-If I miss your chat do not take it personal there are a lot of viewers. I will do my best but I am primarily focused on the charts.
– Have fun and respect each other in the chat!

💙Are you a full-time trader? Yes
💙How long have you been trading? 7 years
💙What’s your preferred trading style? Price Action
💙What pairs do you trade? GJ, GU, Gold, US30
💙Is the Win/Loss on stream your personal trades? No it is not my personal W/L Ratio it is for the trades “called” out on stream.
💙What broker do you use? Check my broker video we all live in different countries pick one that pertains to you 🙂
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I’m not promising anyone guaranteed money. When you decide to trade it is at your own risk. You can make serious gains as much as you can losses, your investments are your responsibility not mine. The videos on my channel are for educational purposes ONLY!

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