How Forex Trading Works (Step By Step For Beginners)

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This video is about HOW FOREX TRADING WORKS Step by Step For Beginners. With the rising interest in Forex people want to know How Forex Works and how to trade forex. I explain and show you this step by step, from depositing funds, analysing charts, placing trades, closing trades and withdrawing the monies. Thanks for watching. If you vibes with this video join the Family and subscribe. Also smash the thumbs up.

0:00 – 1:16 – Intro
1:17 – 3:02 – Broker Account Deposit
3:03 – 18:31 – Finding a trade / Chart Updates
18:32 – 19:42 – Broker account withdrawal
19:43 – 21:11 – PayPal to Bank transfer
21:12 – 23:06 – ATM Withdrawal
23:07 – 24:14 – Giveaway & Outro

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MoreHarrisonUwah says:

Thanks For10,000 subscribers!! The Liquidity Gang Is taking over. Subscribe and lets get to 50,000 Subs!!

kxstr 7 says:

Impeccable Sir!

Jan Glavina says:

The best forex trading video i have ever seen #fuckfibonachiganga

Asad Rehman says:

4:27 how you finding the lows
How you determing entries..

muzza fuzza says:

did u deposit thru PayPal what broker is that

Tarek Al-Shamky says:

I wanna say thank you for your videos bro, and huge congrats on the deserved 10k subs!
B, can you do an in depth and detailed video on how you pick your entries, and the tight SL´s. Personally thats the hardest part for me. I understand the TP part and targeting liquidity, but whenever I think that Ive found the perfect entry, its either too early or too late, so I end up getting stopped out. If you could do a more detailed video on how and why you place your entries the way you do, bro, that would be guuuuuucciiiii. – again, huge congrats bro, keep it up!

Asad Rehman says:

2:43 can you show how you logged in from the mobile app, is that mt4? What settings do you add

hamda kiin says:

Harrison the best mentor keep going brother

Verna stubbs says:

Your are the best. The way you simplify the trades is phenomenal.

Ricky Terrell says:

You are the real deal!! Thanks so much.

ryanGadkins _ says:

How much is the mentorship?

Camille Crawford says:

I need one on one mentorship.

MoreHarrisonUwah says:

lets try and smash 300 likes on this video!!

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